Topre capacitive contact less key switch

Realforce uses Topre original capacitive contact-free key switch mechanism. When 2 electrodes inside the switch, approach a certain level without touching, the sensor recognizes as a key press. No Chattering, Long-lasting Duration.

Bluetooth 5.0 & USB wired connection

The hybrid models of the R3 Keyboard can connect with up to 4 devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as PC. User can switch between them whenever they want. It can also be used as a USB keyboard using the included detachable USB cable (USB Type-C <-> USB Type-A), allowing you to connect up to 5 devices (4 Bluetooth and 1 USB) and switch between them on the fly.

* USB cable can be used as power supply during wireless connection.
* This feature is only for Hybrid models of Realforce R3 Keyboard

Customize as you like

By using optional Panel Design Kit (Clear Panel x 1, Panel Sheet x 5), you can change the outlool color and design of R3 Keyboard as you like. The panel sheets are designed to fit to R3 Keyboard. The color keycap set giving you options to change your keycap color to the one you like out of 8 colors.

* R3 Keyboard only

Adjustable switch ON position by APC (Actuation Point Changer)

Topre's unique APC (actuation point changer) function allows all R3 Keyboard models to adjust actuation point (ON position) of each key switch in 4 steps of 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 2.2mm, and 3.0mm (3 steps except 0.8mm for R2 models) to optimize the response speed of the key switches. For example, keys that need to be pressed quickly can be set to a shorter setting of 0.8mm, while keys that are easily pressed by mistake can be set to a deeper setting of 3.0mm to prevent typing errors. When you feel the keytravels are too long, the optional key spacers (2 mm or 3 mm thick) can be installed under the keycaps to speed up the return of the key switches for quicker keystrokes. In addition, by shortening the keystroke depth, the keystroke feel changes to that of a thin keyboard, and the keytyping noise becomes even quieter.

Optimized press force setting for less fatigue

Realforce brand keyboards are available with three key press force settings: 45g, 30g and variable weight. In particular, Topre's unique variable-weight keyswitch models are optimized with different key weights, 45g for keys pressed with the index finger and 30g for keys pressed with the pinky finger, to make it easier to press each key according to the strength of each finger's pressing force. The key press force setting is ideal for those who use the keyboard every day for documentation, e-mail, text chatting, programming, etc.

* The specifications may vary depending on the model.
* The key switch press force may have a slight difference.

Smooth key touch feeling

No need to press down on the keys, weight changes naturally over the entire stroke.

Realforce software for further customization

Realforce R3 user can use the following features and save your setting to the on-board memory.

  • APC (Actuation Point Changer) setting: Adjust the actuation point depth of each key by selecting from 0.8, 1.5, 2.2, and 3.0 mm (available only for models with APC)
  • Panel design customization: Customize the keyboard frame with your favorite design and print it on the panel sheet (optional design panel kit and supported inkjet printer are required)
  • Heat map: Allows you to visually check the keys you hit most often and adjust them using APC or other functions.
  • Custom Keymap function: Allows you to change the key assigns as you like.
  • Key layout switching function: Switch between two key layouts (A / B) on the fly, depending on the application or OS.
  • ECO mode setting: Adjust the battery consumption when using Bluetooth (available only for R3 keyboard wireless models)
  • Firmware update: Users can update thier REALFORCE keyboard's firmware by themselves via the software UI.
  • Onboard memory: Allows you to save customized settings to the keyboard itself for use in office PC environments where software cannot be installed.

Key shape suitable for high-speed input

The key layout is designed with a "Step Sculpture" design, where each row of keys has a different shape when viewed from the side to match the movement of the fingers. This is ideal for touch typing (typing without looking at the keys), as it allows for accurate operation and less finger movement, reducing the burden on the fingers.

No Chattering Exist

The hysteresis between the switch on (press input) and off (release input) positions prevents double input (chattering), which is one of the causes of malfunction. Also, as an advantage of capacitance-free switches, there is no contact point like mechanical switches or membrane switches, which structurally prevents double input (chattering) and provides a stable input environment for a long time.

Full n-key rollover

All keys can be typed at the same time, and all keys can be input in the same order as they are typed. All keys are input correctly even if they are pressed simultaneously during high-speed typing, so even professional operators and gamers can use it with confidence.

Designed for Comfortable Typing

The press input is occurred by pushing down the conic ring, which has no force changing on typing, and the rubber dome is designed with tactility as a priority for comfort.

Soft tactile feeling that is gentle on the fingers

The force changes gently and you can feel the full stroke. No need to bottom out when typing, which reduces the burden on your fingers.