Privacy Policy

"Realforce" requires a minimum amount of personal information to ensure the safety and security of its users.
"Realforce" takes the utmost care to protect the personal information you provide.
"Realforce"'s privacy policy is as follows.

1. Scope of "Realforce"'s Privacy Policy

  • "Realforce"'s Privacy Policy applies to your use of "Realforce"'s services.
  • Personal information collected when you use the "Realforce" service will be managed in accordance with "Realforce"'s privacy policy.
  • "Realforce"'s privacy policy only applies to services provided directly by "Realforce", and does not apply to services provided by other organizations, companies, etc. connected to "Realforce" through links or other means.
  • Use of "Realforce" services is at the user's own risk.
  • "Realforce" is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of information obtained from our website or other websites linked to our website.

2. Collection and use of personal information on "Realforce"

In order to develop and provide you with the most advanced features and services, "Realforce" requires some personal information about you.

  • You are responsible for managing your Realforce Store ID and password, as well as your user registration and password after purchase.
    • We recommend that you change your password regularly and avoid giving your name, date of birth, or phone number in a way that is easy for others to guess.
    • Do not disclose, lend, or give your password to anyone, even acquaintances or friends.
    • Please do not write your password in any of the fields on our website, such as inquiry forms or repair request forms.
  • Personal information collected will be used only to the extent necessary to provide "Realforce" services and will not be provided to any third party, except in the following cases
    • When the customer agrees to the use of his/her personal information
    • When we send an e-mail to the customer to request consent for the use of personal information
    • When disclosing the information to a company that has concluded a confidentiality agreement with us in advance (e.g., a subcontractor) to the extent necessary.
    • When sending e-mail or direct mail to customers to advertise or promote our company or our business partners, etc.
    • When deemed necessary to protect the rights or property of other customers, third parties, or the Company in the event that a customer's conduct on "Realforce" is in violation of "Realforce" policies or notices, "Realforce" terms of use, etc.
    • When disclosure of personal information is requested by a court of law, an order of a government agency, or other legal requirements, or when it is necessary for criminal investigation, elimination or prevention of infringement of the rights of a third party, or other similar reasons.
  • The customer agrees in advance to the Company's use of personal information in the manner set forth above, and shall not object to such use.
  • "Realforce" may also share your personal information with our business partners in the following cases.
  • For business reasons, such as special services for our customers. In this case, we will ask for your consent before providing the information and will not provide it without your consent.
  • For statistical data preparation, market research, and data analysis. In such cases, only information that has been processed so that specific individuals cannot be identified will be provided.

3. Contact for inquiries

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us using the inquiry form.