Realforce 87U Discontinued

Capacitive KeyUSVariable WgtN-Key

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Topre Capacitive Key Switch

Topre Capacitive Key Switch

Superior key touch feel.
No chattering.
No contact mechanism.
Made in Japan.

N-key Roll Over

N-key Roll Over

No matter how fast you are, you’ll never miss. The Realforce can keep up with any number of keystrokes and ensure you’re always in control.

Step Sculpture

Ergonomic Form Factor

The step sculpture design allows for smooth movement across keys and comfortable typing over long play time.

Force Diagram

Force Diagram

45g Silky-Smooth keystroke.

Key Life Time

Key Life Time

Each Topre key switch is tested to clear 50 million keystrokes.

Made in Japan

Commitment to quality, durability, and technological sophistication.


PrintSublimation printing
Key Life Time30 million times
Dimensions168.5mm x 366mm x 38mm
LayoutUS layout 87 keys
Cable Length1.6m / 5.2feet
Key WeightVariable Weight
Key Travel4mm
Key ShapesStep scultpture
N-Key RolloverN Key rollover
Country of OriginMade in Japan, Designed in Japan
ContentsKeyboard, Warranty card