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Realforce's first keyboard for Mac

The US English layout of the Mac standard is adopted, and Realforce's original key switches, which pursue a pressing feeling called feather touch, can be operated comfortably with the familiar Mac standard key layout.

One-touch Function/Media key switching

Function key and Media key special functions such as screen brightness, volume, and media operation can be switched with a single touch without starting System Preferences.

Simple key-top font that fits in with Mac

The key tops are printed in a simple font that blends in with the Mac.

Customizable Mac Software

Disable each key switch, swap CapsLock and Ctrl keys, set indicator LED colors, and, on models with APC functionality, individually set the response position of each keyswitch.

Space-saving design is realized by eliminating number keys

For those with limited desk space, the space-saving design is recommended. The keyboard width is 8.6cm less than ordinary keyboards. By saving 20% of the keyboard space, a larger space for using the mouse becomes available.

Key operation is the same as ordinary keyboards

By allocating number keys to other keys, keying in numbers or working on calculations are just as easy as on an ordinary keyboard.

Color changeable LED indicator

The color of LED lights for indicating the status of CapsLock, NumLock and so on can be changed by selecting from 7 colors and customized by the keyboard. The brightness of LED indicators is also adjustable.

Cable can be extended in 3 directions

The cable outlets are placed on the left, right and upper side of the keyboard. Cable outlets in 3 directions allows for optimal placement according to the installation environment.

More traction and more stability

By increasing the surface area of the bottom rubber pads fourfold, and by adopting a soft resin material on the bottom of the tilt stand, the keyboard is more stable and less likely to accidentally be displaced on glossy surfaces such as glass.

Topre Capacitive Key Switch

Superior key touch feel.
No chattering.
No contact mechanism.
Made in Japan.

N-key Roll Over

No matter how fast you are, you’ll never miss. The REALFORCE can keep up with any number of keystrokes and ensure you’re always in control.

Ergonomic Form Factor

The step sculpture design allows for smooth movement across keys and comfortable typing over long play time.

Force Diagram

45g Silky-Smooth keystroke.

Key Life Time

Each Topre key switch is tested to clear 50 million keystrokes.

USB I/F Connect

USB Type A Plug
Fast 1000Hz pollingrate supported.

Made in Japan

Commitment to quality, durability, and technological sophistication.


PrintLaser printing
Key Life Time50 million times
Dimensions142mm x 369mm x 39mm
LayoutUS layout 87 keys
Cable Length1.7m
Key Weight30g, 45g, 55g Soft tactile feeling
Key Travel4mm
Key ShapesStep scultpture
N-Key RolloverN-Key Rollover
System requirementsmacOS X 10.10 or later, USB 2.0 port, Internet Connection(for downloading Software)
Country of OriginMade in Japan, Designed in Japan
ContentsKeyboard, Warranty card, User’s Manual

User's Manual

Realforce for Mac User's Manual

Please refer to the User's Manual for Realforce for Mac key assignments.