Firmware Update

Realforce R3 Keyboard Firmware Update (2022.04.21)

To download this firmware update and use the new Realforce features, you need to install Realforce Connect software for Windows or Realforce Connect software for Mac separately.

Models to be updated

The following Realforce R3 keyboard models

  • R3HA
  • R3HB
  • R3HC
  • R3HD
  • R3UA
  • R3UC

Firmware Version



  • The keymap replacement function supports new key functions to be mapped.
    Additional key functions: AC Back, AC Forward, AC Search, AC Refresh
    * New functions require a separate Realforce Connect software update. (Version 3.1.2 or later)
  • The simple mode status can be checked using the keyboard alone.
    The status can be checked by the LED color after pressing [ Fn ] + [ Power Switch ] simultaneously.
    All LED colors are purple: Simple mode is enabled.
    All LEDs are yellow: Simple mode is disabled.
    * By continuing to hold down [ Fn ] + [ Power Switch ], all LEDs will turn white to toggle enable/disable.
    * The default is simple mode disabled.
  • Fixed a problem in which keys continue to be entered when waking from sleep via USB connection on some Windows PCs.。

Firmware Download

Please check the model name on the bottom belly label and download the corresponding update file.

* When updating the RealforceREALFORCE keyboard by downloading this firmware, it is necessary to install the Realforce software. For details, please refer to "Firmware Update" in the Realforce Software Operation Guide.

Belly label on the bottom