R3S Keyboard Firmware Update2023.08.01

To download this firmware update and use the new Realforce features, you need to install Realforce Connect software for Windows or Realforce Connect software for Mac separately.

Models to be updated

The following Realforce R3S keyboard models

  • R3S Keyboard / R3SA
  • R3S Keyboard / R3SB
  • R3S Keyboard / R3SC
  • R3S Keyboard / R3SD

Firmware Version



  • Support for new key functions to be mapped on the R3 and R3S Keyboard keymap function. Added key functions: Shortcut 1 to 8, APC Custom 1 to 2.
  • Improved the behavior when setting the key spacer.

Firmware Download

Please check the model name on the bottom belly label and download the corresponding four-letter update file starting with "R3S".