Realforce Brand Introduction

REALFORCE, for Real.

A brand for
“The Best Work Tools”

Topre’s Electronic Equipment Division started with development of professional keyboards for the financial, communications, and aviation industries for their OEM deals. Those keyboards were made to ensure accurate input for high-level industries. Using the knowledge it had cultivated, Topre launched "Realforce" as a keyboard brand for consumers in 2001.
Consumers who use keyboards for long hours at work, as well as those who are particular about comfort, durability, required force, accuracy and other preferences such as keystroke noise have evaluated highly our keyboard. Since then, the reputation has gradually spread, and the brand has grown as a premium keyboard made in Japan, chosen by professionals in all situations.
Realforce will continue to grow and progress as “The Best Work Tools for Real Professionals”.

“Real Professionals need
The Best Work Tools”

Realforce is for Pros who takes pride in their work without any compromise.
We provide high-quality tools to help maximize user’s abilities.

Focus, focus, focus.

From our product design to functionalities, every single features of our products are for helping user to focus on their work.

Comfort that makes you addicted to using it.

Since it is made for professionals we paid particular attention to comfort that will make you addicted to using it, and reduce fatigue over time.

Made in Japan.

Since the brand's inception in 2001, we have continued its development and manufacturing in Japan. We have earned trust for the "high level of technology" and "quality" that are unique to Japanese manufacturing.